Lustrum KMW

We all know the KennisMakingsWeekend as a wonderful weekend in November where the old ELS guard and the new ELS youngsters grow closer to each other while enjoying a…
26 August 2018

Summer Club Championship 2018

8 September you can compete again at the Summer Club Championship 2018. The time to intimidate the competition for the winter or to put the extra holiday weight…
15 August 2018

Commission thanksgiving

ELS is nothing without its commissions! That is why the committee members are thanked again this year for a great year and everything we have achieved together. To celebrate…
11 August 2018

ELS in de OWee

The summer holidays are flying by again and so it's almost time for the OWee. Of course the nicest skating association in Delft can also be found here! Below you will find an overview:…
10 August 2018