Effe Lekker Schaatsen,

That's what we do. ELS!

16 November 2022

KnabbELS & chatELS

Next Tuesday we will have a nice dinner together in X's Freetown kitchen after the drying training. The KokkerELS will again provide a cooking team that will prepare a delicious vegetarian meal…
13 November 2022

Skate sharpening course

Do you also wonder how it is that those world cup riders glide so smoothly over the ice?! To get a better grip on this, the OrakELS provides…
1 November 2022

Winter trip 2023

Zon, Ice, Snow Yes, next winter it's a big party again. In the summer of 2021 have we been to beautiful Austria. That was an unforgettable journey. In…
22 October 2022

ELA presents: Cocktail CasinoborrELS!

Ladies and gentlemen, On Thursday 17 November the ELA organizes the very first CasinoborrELS! During this evening the Corbulo will 20:00 be transformed into a little Las Vegas where you…

DSSV Effe Lekker Schaatsen

ELS stands for "Effe Lekker Schaatsen" and is the student ice skating association of the Technical University in Delft. ELS is a young association. In 1999 Brechje Vermaat took the initiative to found ELS. Together with a number of other students she has ensured that ELS has managed to grow into a very active club with almost 200 members. These members are all active in one or more skating-related sports. Everyone can be part of ELS! Whether you are a beginner or skated on Friesche doorlopers on the the Dutch canals and lakes since the age of five. Our own trainers adapt the lessons to your level. From October to April we skate at De Uithof in The Hague. On Wednesdays and Fridays we train here in four different groups, each with it's own level, to make sure everyone can participate. On Mondays there is an extra training at a special KNSB hour, for anyone who wants to do extra training. Throughout the season there are many competitions where you can compete with the rest of the Dutch students. For example, there are IUTs (Inter University Tournament), NSK’s (Dutch Student Championships) and occasionally marathons in The Hague.

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