Gymnastics at Pegasus

Are you homesick for gym class?? On Monday 3 April, ELS is welcome at Pegasus to come and do gymnastics during their training at X. We can do most gymnastics parts here…
24 March 2023

WheELS 2023!!

Spring has begun, the first bicycle lines are being cultivated and Ascension is getting closer and closer... It's time for Wheels again!! This year the epic cycling weekend of ELS falls again…
23 March 2023

Season transition

Friday 24 March is already our last training of this season, after we have shown our most beautiful retro outfits and talent on wood here, the CK is finished 26 March…
18 March 2023

NSSK Football 15 april

The season is almost over. Driving a summer without skating competitions will be a huge challenge. To kick off the skating summer season, ELS is organizing this year again…
16 March 2023

Cycling classic

Dear cycling enthusiasts, On 7 April the classic of classics takes place, namely the ELA cycling classic. You're probably already on the stairs(n)to re-rig your steel steed, want…
13 March 2023

KnabbELS & chatELS

Tuesday 14 March it's that time again! After the drying training we will have a nice dinner together in the Freetown Kitchen at X. The KokkerELS will prepare a delicious vegetarian meal, so that…
8 March 2023

Winter CK 2023

On Sunday 26 March is the time to close the season with the Winter CK. there will be in the ladies and gentlemen in categories A, B one…
1 March 2023

ValentELS Datediner

Jitters in your stomach, because it's almost Valentine's Day! Love goes through the stomach, so take your date to the KnabbELS & BabbELS date dinner. Seduce your valentine during this dinner…
11 February 2023

Batavierenrace 2023

hey you there! Want jahh, it's almost that time again! The race of all time will soon start again, namely the Batavierenrace. In the beautiful east of the country with…
24 January 2023