Bicycle MateriELS clinic

Insufficient at the bicycle check? Or do you just want to give your bike a good turn with materials you don't have at home? Or have you just bought a new bike and…
30 April 2018

Food on the corbulo #may

*INCLUDE IN THE COMMENTS IF YOU WANT TO HELP WITH COOKING, IS MEGA FUN!* In the summer we will of course continue to eat on the Corbulo. Tuesday 1 with om 20:15 stands…
19 April 2018

Mountain biking Utrecht ridge 29 april

Sunday 29 April the ELA organizes a super fun activity. We are going mountain biking on the Utrecht Heuvelrug! This is a beautiful hilly area with several landscaped MTB routes. Of roads…
6 April 2018

InzELS 2018

Why should we change something about a top event? Precisely, so we don't. Last year we went on a summer trip abroad for the first time, this year we do it…
3 April 2018