27 March food after dry training

*INCLUDE IN THE COMMENTS IF YOU WANT TO HELP WITH COOKING, IS MEGA FUN!* Now that the skating season has ended, we are changing the concept of 'eating before skating training' into 'eating after…
21 March 2018

AprELS SKITS party

Hey, we want to see the polar bears!! The season is almost over, höchste Zeit for an AprELS SKITS party! You can use that after a whole season of skiing / skating. Yes…
9 March 2018

Presidents Pancakes and wood training

How fast has this skating season gone. Nice workouts, the Olympics, natural ice and many student tournaments, it was all there. Friday 16 March is unfortunately already the last skating training of…
7 March 2018

WheELS 2018

!!Register with first and last name!! From 10 t/m 13 May it's Ascension weekend again and that means WheELS of course! Through the registration below you can sign up for the most epic…
5 March 2018

Training with Demolition

After the success of last year, we have 8 March another exchange training with Slopend. An hour and a half of climbing and clambering and doing all kinds of other fun things. We collect to 18:30…
2 March 2018