Club records & trophies

Club records are the fastest times ever set by an ELS member in an official race, anywhere in the world. In addition to the club records on the ice, cups are also awarded every year for other prestigious competitions. In the wall of fame are knuckles who have shone in a very special category. (Previous) Winners and information about these jars are shown below.

Club records are the fastest times ever set by an ELS member in an official race, anywhere in the world.

Distance Name Time date Place Contest
100 meter Bart Hulst 10.34 26-12-2017 Heerenveen Christmas sprint tournament
160 meter Arnoud Haffmans 14.87 05-02-2012 Wageningen NSK short job
167 meter Western Landman 15.87 05-11-2023 Nijmegen Lacustris first races
300 meter Bart Hulst 24.27 26-12-2019 Heerenveen Christmas sprint tournament
500 meter Erik Driessen 37.57 13-03-2005 Calgary
700 meter Roel Boek 55.68 13-03-2016 Alkmaar Crazy distances tournament
1000 meter Roel Boek 1:13.60 28-12-2019 Inzell International race
1500 meter Roel Boek 1:51.79 04-11-2019 Heerenveen SkateUnited Swan skating service competition
3000 meter Wouter Tel 3:56.51 03-03-2019 Heerenveen Record match
5000 meter Roel Boek 6:42.21 27-10-2019 Heerenveen Record match
10000 meter Roel Boek 14:10.63 19-03-2019 Heerenveen Wageningen's big quadrathlon
500 meter clockwise Job Oude Vrielink 43.19 15-02-2020 Enschede Rugby Tournament
Team sprint Jelmer Kraaijeveld,
Wouter Tel,
Jurjen Westenberg
1:31.92 15-02-2020 Enschede Rugby Tournament
Ploegen­achtervolging Jan Willem Broos,
Roel Boek,
Jeroen van Uitert,
Wouter Tel
4:22.81 27-02-2016 Tilburg NSK ploegen­achtervolging

Club records are the fastest times ever set by an ELS member in an official race, anywhere in the world.

Distance Name Time date Place Contest
100 meter Wikke Alphenaar 11.72 13-03-2016 Alkmaar Crazy Distances Tournament
140 meter Veronica Tollenaar 18.40 26-01-2013 Wageningen NSK short job
167 meter Maaike van der Horst 18.05 02-11-2019 Nijmegen Lacustris First Races
300 meter Kirstin Alphenaar 27.91 26-10-2013 The hague Track competition
500 meter Maaike van der Horst 43.35 29-02-2020 Heerenveen SoftELS IUT
700 meter Hilde Houtzager 1:03.25 29-10-2022 The hague IUT speciELS
1000 meter Anouk van Westerhoven 1:25.58 17-02-2019 Enschede Rugby Tournament
1500 meter Anouk van Westerhoven 2:11.32 16-03-2019 Heerenveen SoftELS IUT
3000 meter Anouk van Westerhoven 4:43.91 17-02-2019 Enschede Rugby Tournament
5000 meter Hilde Houtzager 8:27.89 12-03-2022 Haarlem Bloksma Bokaal
10000 meter Eline Stubert 17:18.27 13-03-2017 Heerenveen From 10 km from Wageningen
500 meter clockwise Birgit Henrich 48.67 23-02-2019 Haarlem ELS lustrum IUT
Team sprint Lisa van Rijn,
Dominique de Beer,
Aniek van Gorkom
1:43.74 08-12-2018 Rotterdam Alcedo IUT teamsprint

The goblet, or rather a beautiful towel, is for the man who has moved fastest across the ice in the past year. This is calculated with the well-known points system based on the fastest times on the 500, 1500 and 3000 meter.

Year Name
2022-2023 Western Landman
2021-2022 Western Landman
2020-2021 Remco Boere
2019-2020 Wouter Tel
2018-2019 Wouter Tel
2017-2018 Roel Boek
2016-2017 Roel Boek
2015-2016 Roel Boek
2014-2015 Jesper Voorendt
2013-2014 Jeroen van Uitert
2012-2013 Peter de Vries
2011-2012 Peter de Vries
2010-2011 Peter de Vries
2009-2010 Joost Witmer
2008-2009 Bastiaan van 't Westeinde

The fastest woman goblet is, just like the fastest man goblet, a beautiful towel. The woman who moved fastest across the ice wins the goblet! This is calculated on the basis of the fastest times on the 500, 1000 and 1500 meter.

Year Name
2022-2023 Hilde Houtzager
2021-2022 Hilde Houtzager
2019-2020 Anouk van Westerhoven
2018-2019 Anouk van Westerhoven
2017-2018 Eline Stubert
2016-2017 Eline Stubert
2015-2016 Alyanne Duker
2014-2015 Wikke Alphenaar
2013-2014 Wikke Alphenaar
2012-2013 Wikke Alphenaar
2011-2012 Eline Stubert
2010-2011 Simone Hogendoorn
2009-2010 Marjolein Hartwigsen
2008-2009 Marjolein Hartwigsen

On this wall of fame you will find special achievements of ELS members who do not fit between the club records.

Categories Name Performance
24 hour inline skating Frank Hogervorst 474 km
Sparerib­koning Martijn Knotter 10 half spare ribs
Sparerib­queen Dominique de Beer 5 half spare ribs
Mac­hamburger­queen Alessandra Primavera 7.5 hamburgers
Green slide Aqua Park Zakopane Jelmer Kraaijeveld 28.19 seconds
Red slide Aqua Park Zakopane Jelmer Kraaijeveld 18.04 seconds
Alternative Eleven Cities Tour Weissensee Eline Stubert 7:53:36
Hour record attempt Langebaan (Baselga) Jurriën Kuin & Joris Bellingwout 91 round

Matches are fun to measure yourself against other opponents, but also to see yourself improve, which is also quite an achievement! That is why there is for the one who has seen their PRs die most often in one season, the beautiful PR Cup!

Year Name Aantal pr’s
2022-2023 Jorn Limburg 12
2021-2022 Marit Dee & Meike van Veen 11
2020-2021 Jorn Limburg 3
2019-2020 Sjors Blom 19
2018-2019 Aron Koekkoek 14
2017-2018 Jacob van Ooijen 18
2016-2017 Nico Tol 18
2015-2016 Gert Galis 26
2014-2015 Vincent van der Wal 21
2013-2014 Jeroen Verhorst 20
2012-2013 Ties Christmas Makers 13
2011-2012 Rutger Tollenaar 10
2010-2011 Tom van der Hoeven 8
2009-2010 Tjerk Bakker 9
2008-2009 Tjerk Bakker 19
Hour record attempt Langebaan Name Time
EduP Stair Climbing Jesper Voorendt 1:01
Time trial round rowing course (5.57 km) Wouter Tel 7:11.20
Roller skating 1.5 round Wessel Painters 41.88
Roller skating 5 round Wessel Painters 2:23.64
Hour record attempt Langebaan Joris Ravenhorst 2.62
Hour record attempt Langebaan Name Time
EduP Stair Climbing Alessandra Primavera 1:15
Time trial round rowing course (5.57 km) Rosemary Ammerlaan 8:04.64
Roller skating 1.5 round Vivienne de Jong 50.40
Roller skating 5 round Eline Stubert 3:01.50
Hour record attempt Langebaan Maaike van der Horst 3.49

The Poodles Prize was created for the ELSer with the most bad luck. This prize is for and by the members of ELS, because at the GMM you can vote for the winner of this prize.

Year Name
2022-2023 Bart Segers & rest
2021-2022 Marit Dee
2020-2021 Erik van Welsenes
2019-2020 Jordi Mulder
2018-2019 Anne Sietze van der Meer
2017-2018 Joris Ravenhorst
2016-2017 Ellen van der Linden
2015-2016 Erik Janssen
2014-2015 Jeroen van Uitert

A wonderful addition to your bike can be won by sprinting to the top of a viaduct of the true hors category after the Wednesday and Friday training.! Points can be won for the first five sprinters to reach the top and the person with the most points at the end of the season wins. In de Spied 63 the Col has been extensively analyzed, how you can best defy it to win the KOM or QOM on Strava, among other things! But the real price that matters is the ELS Col du Lundi ranking. The Col du Lundi is no longer done. The old winners can still be seen.


Year Name
2018-2019 Remco Boere
2017-2018 Jelmer Kraaijeveld
2016-2017 Ruwiel Team
2015-2016 Wouter Tel
2014-2015 Jelmer Kraaijeveld
2013-2014 Wouter Tel
2012-2013 Rutger Tollenaar
2011-2012 Rutger Tollenaar
2010-2011 Tjerk Bakker
2009-2010 Tjerk Bakker
2008-2009 Arnoud Haffmans & Tjerk Bakker


Year Name
2018-2019 Sophie van Bodegom
2017-2018 Sophie van Bodegom
2016-2017 Judith Termote
2015-2016 Celine Marsman