Order round hair bands

The lifestylers you see driving fast laps on TV, love to let the wind blow through their hair and therefore usually train with a hair band.…
23 November 2019

Grinding course at Van Tol Sport

Cutting an onion with a dull knife is to cry, the same goes for skates with blunt blades. Knives and especially the blades of your skates, should you therefore…
22 November 2019

game night – 28 november

Now that the days are getting shorter and it's gray and cold outside, we are looking for warmth and cosiness inside. Fortunately, the ELA has found the ideal solution: a game night in…
13 November 2019

Winter trip Zakopane

2015. The year ELS went on a winter trip to Zakopane, one of the most epic skating locations you can go to. This was such a success, that we do it 5…
5 November 2019


The winter season has been going on for a while, the training sessions are well attended and everyone is progressing by leaps and bounds! To better understand where the last tenth of a second…
4 November 2019