To be able to perform on the ice in winter, ELS will of course train throughout the summer. The association provides cycling-, skeeler- and dryland training for all levels.

The training courses are listed in the ELS agenda.

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Droogtraining (bootcamp) is the only training throughout the year. This is a skating-specific training full of jumps, running, squats and exercises with elastic bands. With this you immediately work on your strength, technique and condition at the same time! Put on your running shoes and bring a water bottle!


At the basketball courts on X, Mekelweg 8

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The droogtraining (bootcamp) is every Tuesday evening from 18:30 until 20.00 hour.

Extra online training

If you haven't gotten enough of all the training yet, then you can find additional online training and schedules via the button below.

Extra workouts

Roller skating

In the summer season, inline skating training is organized, where the training is focused on technique. This is all in preparation for the ice cream, so that we can shine on it. In addition, it also serves as an excellent strength training.

In case of bad weather, the training will not take place, this will reported on the website.


We gather at the inline skating track in Nootdorp (near the windmill).

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Inline skating training is every Friday evening from 18.30 until 20.00 hour.

Pay attention!

Wearing a helmet is obligated.

Timeline Friday


Throughout the summer season there will be 1-2 cycle trainings a week.

On Thursdays there is a cycling training given by ELS. This workout is used for many different types of cycling workouts (interval-, technique-, speed, or endurace trainings), but there is also practice to ride in groups.

About once every 2 weeks on Saturday- or Sunday morning, we will ride a endurance lap (circa 3 hours of cycling).

Starting point

Sports Center - X TU Delft

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Thursday evening gather from 18.15 and leave at 18.30
Saturday- or Sunday morning is communicated in the cycling whatsappgroup.

Extra information

Details about the next endurance round (on Saturday- or Sunday morning) can be found in the agenda.

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