On this page you will find all the information you need for riding student skating competitions.

For the calendar of student skating competitions see the NSSU website.

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We rule at the IUT, yes that's what we do. BRAVO!

There are two types of student skating competitions: Inter University Tournaments (IUT’s), and Dutch Student Championships (NSK’s). These competitions are organized by the various student skating associations in the Netherlands and are therefore also spread over ice rinks throughout the country.


Scroll down to see which competitions you can register for!


The regulations that apply to NSKs and IUTs are determined by the NSSU and can be found here.


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The pixELS always do their best to take a nice picture of you during the student competitions. So take a quick look at Media>Photos or click here and maybe you'll see yourself appear on the screen.

Student competitions are the nicest and most fun competitions to participate in. Check out which ones are coming below and sign up to participate! At every competition there is a special category for beginners. So even if you haven't been on the ice that often, you can catch every game. If you have any questions, you can always contact the competition secretary.

The registration order for an NSK is based on PRs and for an IUT is based on dibs.

Contest Date and time Location Distance Costs without discount Register via Registration open Registration closed
IUT first races 05-11-2023 from 18.00-22.00 Nijmegen A & B : 167-500-1500
C : 167-500-1000
€25 registrations
Register Lacustris First Races IUT 2023 (
18-10-23 12:00 01-11-23 12:00
Braga Sprintcup 11-11-2023 from 18:00-22:00 Tilburg 500-500-1000 €15 (+€7,50 korting) T.S.S.V. Braga 09-10-23 00:00 05-11-23 23:59
Mass start IUT 12-11-2023 from 18:30-20:30 Eindhoven 2x points race, 1x mass start €17,50 E.S.S.V. Isis 09-10-23 00:00 05-11-23 23:59
NSK allround 25-11-2023 and 26-11-2023 Utrecht Gentlemen
500-1500-3000 (+ 5000 for fastest)
500-1000-1500 (+ 3000 for fastest)
€50 (+€10 korting) U.S.S.V. Softijs 21-10-23 17:00 19-11-23 23:59
NSK marathon (wordt verplaatst) 23-12-2023 Amsterdam Heren A:70R
Dames A: 50R
Heren B: 35R
Dames B: 25R
Heren C: 20R
Dames C: 17R
Heren D: 7R
Dames D: 7R
€7,50 voor 16-12

€10 na 16-12

A.S.S.W.S.V. SKITS 06-11-23 00:00 23-12-23 (t/m de wedstrijd)
NSK sprint 27-01-2024 and 28-01-2024 Groningen 2x 500-1000 n.t.b. G.S.S.V. Tjas n.t.b. n.t.b.
NSK wintertriathlon 04-02-2024 Rotterdam n.t.b. n.t.b. E.S.S.V. moose n.t.b. n.t.b.
NSK distance 10-02-2024 and 11-02-2024 Nijmegen Gentlemen
n.t.b. N.S.S.S.V. Lacustris n.t.b. n.t.b.
Rugby Tournament 17-02-2024 and 18-02-2024 Enschede Gentlemen
Allround: 500-1500-3000-1000/5000
Sprint: 500-1000-500-1000
Allround: 500-1500-1000-500/3000
Sprint: 500-1000-500-1000
one day (ladies gentlemen)
Saturday: 500-1000/1500/3000
Sunday: 500- 1000/1500
n.t.b D.S.V. the Skeuvel n.t.b. n.t.b.
SoftELS IUT 09-03-2024 Thialfu A & B : 500-1500
C : 500-1000
n.t.b. D.S.S.V. ELS n.t.b. n.t.b.