Open workouts! 14 and 16 February

*For English, scroll down* During the Olympic Games, our Dutch skating heroes will try to fill all the podiums again! Are you inspired now?, does the sport seem great to you or do you want to…
30 January 2018

SoftELS Bossaball Tournament!

Softijs and ELS have been able to call each other sister associations for some time and that is why we are going to join forces in a fanatical tournament Bossaball! Bossaball is a combination of football, volleyball and…
25 January 2018

Shorttracken 14 January

On Sunday 14 January we will arrange a trip to Haarlem to go short track there together with the people from Short track Haarlem! As the name might suggest, is short track practiced over…
3 January 2018

NSSK Clover jackets

Clover jackets is not an old-fashioned sport, just look at the picture! Are you also a sick klaverjass boss and do you want to measure your strength against the best klaverjassers from skating Netherlands? Of…
2 January 2018