The winter season is the season where ELS is at its best. The association provides skating and droogtraining (bootcamp) for all levels.

The training courses are listed in the ELS agenda.

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Droogtraining (bootcamp) is the only training throughout the year. This is a skate specific training full of jumps, running, squats and exercises with elastic bands. With this you immediately work on your strength, technique and condition at the same time! Put on your running shoes and bring a water bottle and towel!


Basketball court X TU Delft

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The droogtraining (bootcamp) is every Tuesday evening from 18:30 until 20.00 hour.

Extra online training

If you haven't gotten enough of all the training yet, then you can find additional online training and schedules via the button below.

Extra workouts

Regular skating training

If you are an ELS member and you have a sports card, then you can skate for free on Wednesdays and Fridays. Trainers are available for all levels during these training courses, so you can always join a group.

Apply for a sports card

For skating, people gather at Plaza de Pitstop in Den Hoorn, after which we cycle together to the Uithof in The Hague.

Starting point
Ice rink de Uithof

The gates to the ice rink will be opened once by the board before the start of the training. So make sure you are on time!
The gates will be opened at the following times:
Wednesday 21:45
Friday 19:45

Unexpectedly too late? Contact the board.

Timeline Wednesday & Friday

Subscriber training courses

In addition to the open training courses, there is also training on Monday and Thursday evenings. These courses are only accessible to subscribers. Do you want to be here, please contact the competition secretary.

Costs for the whole year are € 147.- (excl. transportation costs) for the first training and € 99,- for the second workout.

Contact competition secretary

As with the regular skating training sessions, these extra training sessions are given at the Uithof in The Hague. Transport to the Uithof is on your own.

Location Ice rink de Uithof

Monday from 21:15 until 22:30.
A trainer from ELS is available for this training.

Thursday from 18:30 until 19:45.
In this training there is no trainer available from ELS.