Do you also want to be able to see how much progress you have made this year and where you can improve your technique a bit in the last month?? Sign up…
27 February 2020

Registration Batavierenrace 2020

Hey sportsmen! Also this year the ELS angELS are participating in the Batavierenrace again. Of course you also want to be part of this cool team, and you can! This year will…
17 February 2020

Karaoke night with WTOS

On Thursday 20 February ELS will enter the karaoke battle together with WTOS! Of course we all already know that we are much more epic than WTOS but we have to do that with…
13 February 2020

dessert dinner

After missing it for a year, it's finally time again: dessert dinner is back!! Who ever sits in a restaurant and thinks: "Actually I just want…
11 February 2020