Picture this: every time before you jump on the train, score a cup of coffee for € 1.50. Always a second burger for free (for yourself or someone else) to score, or even order an entire 3-course menu for free in the restaurant. Online shopping at, for example, Nike, Media Markt, Delivered to other great web shops at home and always receive an extra discount there. Everything is possible, but only with Knaek. With Knaek you save a lot and that is exactly what you want as a student.

Kneak Delft


Knaek is the student discount app. Throughout the Netherlands and Belgium you receive with Knaek 28 student cities the highest and most exclusive student discounts. Download the Knaekapp and get access to more than 1.500 big discounts.


Never shave again with Knaek. Order your Knaek ID here. Valid throughout the academic year and free of charge, just like all the money you save with it. Download and activate the Knaekapp and save it!

Kneak Delft