Hall of Fame

ELS is not just any skating association. It goes much further than that. New friendships, special performances and commitments are established within the association. There are a few people in particular who have done something extra for the association and have been appointed honorary member or member of merit as a token of appreciation. Below is the overview of these honorary members and members of merit.

Brechje Vermaat

Brechje Vermaat, known for the ELS song and eating pancakes in 2013. Vermaat was the founder of DSSV ELS and hereby marks the beginning of the fun skating that is experienced within our association. Also in the later years of ELS she has supported the association with her own company, Studio in Hout, to sponsor ELS.

Maarten Bach

Maarten Bach is the second honorary member that ELS knows. Where ELS needed a restart, Bach came and took her by the hand and made her even better.

Eelco de Groot

Eelco de Groot, also called Dickie, is the third honorary member of ELS. He was very involved in the association and has done a lot of work for it as a director, trainer and driver. He also owned the legendary ELS car, who has attended many competitions and other events. The hood of this car still circles within ELS and bears the names of all board members that ELS has known.

Raymond Micka

Member of merit since September 2021.

Raymond Micka, one of our skating trainers, is a familiar face for everyone at the training sessions and he has meant a lot to our association in recent years. His passion for skating is expressed in the pleasure he gives to us and to all his training groups. Despite the relatively large group, he manages to get everyone's attention and he likes to think along about how we can improve the effectiveness of the training in such a way that we all make progress at the NSKs and IUTs. Not just at the training, but he also radiates his enthusiasm on our association. He is always ready to help behind the scenes as well and we are very grateful to him for that.