Crazy 88

The TU holiday is normally the week in which we go abroad for a week with ELS. Unfortunately, this is not possible now and since we are all week…
29 January 2021


Best racers! Since there are no competitions this year, should we make some competition?! We're going to do some competitions in the next few weeks using transponders. To…
17 January 2021

figure skating

Do you want a (free, incl. material) high level art lessons? True: ice hockey rink of the Uithof Kosten: entrance for the job (10e) times: this weekend saturday or so 11:50-13:00, or coming…
14 January 2021


Unfortunately we have due to. corona can't make buddies at the end of training. That's why the Friday training of 15 January is all about buddies: a buddy training!…
10 January 2021

ELA game night

Next Thursday, 14 January, the ELA organizes a game evening! Sign up as a duo and compete together against all other ELS duos in a whole selection…
7 January 2021

New location drying training

A new location has been chosen for the dry training, since the place at the Delftse Hout is poorly lit and has an uneven surface. The new location is next to the…
5 January 2021

ELS Mouth caps!

The stitching ELS are of course there when there is a chance to introduce a new item. That's why here's the order list for the one and only ELS mouth caps!…
3 January 2021

Netflix Party

On Thursday 7 January at 20.00 Let's all watch a movie together! The movie that will be watched, is chosen by you. How can you choose? From…
1 January 2021