Track cycling Sunday 5 March

Have you always wanted to cycle on a track?, then this is your chance! Together with Softijs we will go track cycling again! We will go cycling on the Velodrome Amsterdam, this is one of the three indoor velodromes in the Netherlands. This cycling track has a length of 200 meters and is made of wooden slats. The velodrome has a maximum angle of inclination of no less than 47°.

You don't do track cycling on a normal racing bike, but on a fixie! The sprocket is attached directly to the wheel, this means that the pedals always keep pedaling. The costs include the rental of such bicycles and the SPD-SL shoes.

(Pay attention! Damage caused to the bicycles above the 50 euro, and with a max 500 euro, are for your own account. So be careful with the material!)

We will follow the clinic in two separate groups one after the other, so that there is a maximum per group 20 people on the job at the same time. You will hear in which group you will be assigned and at what time you should be in Amsterdam. Afterwards we go somewhere to eat and drink with the people who want to. So there can be max 40 people participate (20 per association). We will determine who can participate based on the order of registration.

First group: 12:00-14.00

Second group: 14.30-16.30

Sign up quickly and until 5 March!

Pay attention! The costs are only the costs of track cycling itself, so the food afterwards is not included!

In brief:

  • When: Sunday 5 March
  • True: Velodrome Amsterdam
  • Max number of participants: 40, (20 they go THEM)
  • costs: about 20 euro (including 10 euro discount from ELS)
  • Latest free cancellation date: 1 February 2022 12:00 hour (If you do cancel and people can be taken from the reserve list, you do not have to pay)
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