The skating season is of course not complete with a competition on the most famous skating rink in the Netherlands: Thialfu. That is why the legendary association duo Softijs and ELS organize the famous SoftELS IUT.

Registration opens on Wednesday 25 January at 13:00 hour. There is only room for about 128 Attendees, so be quick, because in other years it was full within minutes. If the tournament is full within fifteen minutes, will be drawn.

Register with your first and last name, after registering you will be forwarded to a Google form that you must fill in to complete your registration. You can do this at your leisure. The lottery is done on the basis of the registration on the website.

Registration closes Friday 24 February at 23:59 hour this is also the free cancellation date.

New, this year is that after the game you can still spend the night in a scouting building in Heerenveen. The costs for this are approximately € 7,50 euros including breakfast.

What: SoftELS IUT
When: Saturday 11 March 2023, start around 17:30 hour
True: Thialfu (Heerenveen)
costs: About €37.50 for the match and about €7.50 for overnight stay including breakfast.

Registration open: Wednesday 25 January at 13:00 hour
Registration closed and unsubscribe free of charge: Friday 24 February at 23:59 hour

For more information and to register go to the SpeciELS IUT page under the heading competitions or click on register.

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