Last year our beautiful committees and its members worked very hard to entertain our association with super fun activities, completely new clothes, all-inclusive travel and much more. Here we can only be very grateful, and we want to express that with a filled afternoon/evening program. Let's put our balls next to each other, because we're going to play jeu-de-boulen Beautiful Boules!

Besides that we are going to throw delicious Provencal with the balls, it's about the fun we stand for. From ELS, bitter garnish and two drinks per person will be provided, after which the rest is for your own account.

You can register until Tuesday 7 september!

Yesterday even a little summary:

  • When: Sunday 12 September from 17:30
  • True: Beautiful Boules, Professor Schermerhornstraat 9-11 in Delft
  • costs: You're welcome, voila, costs nothing!
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