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Hoeksche Waard, Hellevoetsluis, Maasvlakte 2 and Brielse Maas

  • 120 km
  • Cycling
  • Southwest
  • It's immediately clear, what is there to see when you go cycling for a while. We start again in Delft to go through the Beneluxtunnel (for those with luxurious legs) to cycle into the Hoeksche Waard. Please don't act stubborn and think you know a better route yourself, because before you know it you're stuck and you can't get over the water. The route continues to Hellevoetsluis, where, by the way, there are great breaks, and then go to the Second Maasvlakte via Rockanje. For the bikkeELS among us you can again 30 add kilometers by cycling it all the way to the tip, but that is not recommended. Then you go through the dunes (yes dunes) at Oostvoorne back along the Brielse Maas to cross the Nieuwe Waterweg with the ferry and continue home. The Brielse Maas is really a beautiful piece, so you can also cycle all the way back to Spijkernisse to go back into Rotterdam via the Beneluxtunnel. Use it to your advantage!

    (SPIED 85, 2022, p. 41)