Group­winter layout­workouts

During the training you will be placed in a group appropriate to your skating level. This group division and your associated trainer can be found below. Check where you are classified and go on the ice looking for your group and trainer. Changes in groups can be made in consultation with the trainers.

Do you have any questions about the group layout?? Send an email to the training commissioner.

Mail the training commissioner

This is the current group layout for the ice! Take a good look at which group you are classified in. At the beginning of the season, the layout is not completely final and will be revised after the first few weeks. Further mutations will be adjusted throughout the year

Don't you feel like riding with your group for once? Then of course you can, but let your trainer know in advance! Do you want to switch groups, then discuss this with your trainer! If you change groups, let the board know, then it will be adjusted on the site.

Are you not classified in a group? Let the board know, you will be assigned to a group.