For longtrack speedskating, we have several groups where you can participate in:


This is the group for beginners, named after Brechje Vermaat, our founder. As founder, she symbolises the start of a great journey which is ice skating. An enjoyment we all share. Many of our members joined our association with this group. In short: This group is for everyone who believes they are treading slippery ice when setting foot in the rink. These raw diamonds will be guided with great care on wednesday by Jos and on Friday by Willem.


This group is named after the second honorary member of ELS. This group is meant for members who have started to get the feeling of ice skating and are able to confidently perform a cross-over in the corners. Because you have learned the basics, the intensity of the training will be higher. Here, you will be trained by the keen eye of Lex.


In this group the speeds are higher, your abilities have grown and more often than not, you are able to overtake a significant amount of the other riders with which we share the ice rink. Your technique is good and you are willing to push it to the limit. In this group, you will be taken care of by Leo, who will drill you but stand by you in your pursuit to higher speeds and abilities. A prerequisite for joining this group is that you are able to ride about 2 minutes 25 seconds on the 1500 meter distance.

Groepje 9!

This group is for the fastest of us all. Tempo is high, just like the intensity. These are the people that are referred to by other users of the ice rink as speed deviELS. You technique is on point, just as your strength. To join this group, you must be able to ride 2 minutes 12 seconds on the 1500 meter distance. Raymond will be there to let your legs burn until the ice melts.

When joining our training courses, choose the group which best fits you. If you are unsure about which group you should join, please contact the board, or speak to one of our trainers for advice.