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ELS stands for “Effe Lekker Schaatsen”, which means something like “Let’s go Ice-Skating!”. ELS is a very young association. Brechje Vermaat founded ELS in 1999. With the help of other enthusiastic students she made ELS grow into a very active club with more than 150 members.


Everyone can join ELS! We have members that never even had ice-skates on their feet, and members that participated in national championships for youths. So don’t worry, we have trainers for every level of skating experience. Learn more about our skating courses at Ice Speedskating.
The skating season is from October to April. In this period we can skate at the skating track ‘De Uithof’ in The Hague. We have three training-groups of different level on Wednesday and Friday. There are a lot of tournaments during the season. You can learn more about these at Competitions.
We also go for a trip abroad each year together with the Student skating club from Utrecht. We’ve visited places like big frozen lakes in Sweden, the super fast skating track in Berlin and the track with the best view in the world, in Collalbo in the southern Alps in Italy. This is always something you don’t want to miss.

During summer

When the ice-skating season is over, we have to look for other ways to keep in shape. Often we go cycling and inline-skating. For more information, see all subjects beneath ‘Training Courses’. Next to the regular training courses we have many other events. Every year we participate in the “Batavierenrace”. This is a huge running relay for students from Nijmegen to Enschede. Also we participate and organize inline-skate events. Often for charity.
Also during summer we go abroad with the Student skating club from Utrecht.Each year during the weekend of Ascension Day we go cycling in the Ardennes in Belgium. This is much fun. Activities range from hanging by the pool the whole day, or cycling through the hilly landscape for over 100 kilometers.

And next to sports?

ELS is very happy to have members that actually didn’t join to do some ice-skating. We have a lot of members that just joined because ELS is a fun group of people! Sports also isn’t the only thing we do. We have a lot of party’s, often with other student associations, we have trips abroad and other camps and activities. And once in two weeks we get together on Thursday in pub ‘Willie Wort’ in the centre of Delft.

More info?

Do you want more info about where and at which time trainings start? Check out the subjects beneath the header ‘Training Courses’. Here you’ll find all the info you need. If you have other questions, you can find all ways of communication at contact.

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