What is ELS?

ELS is an acronym for ‘Effe Lekker Schaatsen’, which literally stands for ‘Let’s go for a nice skate!’. ELS is a student ice speed skating association situated in Delft. We count more than 150 members. Most of our members are Dutch, although the number of enthusiastic international students who become fascinated by this typical Dutch sport is on the rise. Next to ice speed skating, ELS also offers the opportunity to participate in marathon skating competitions. In the off-season period, ELS organises other endurance sports activities such as cycling, in-line skating and core stability training. But ELS is so much more than merely a student sports society. Next to our regular drinks, ELS organises and joins all sorts of awesome parties throughout the country.

Ice speed skating

Whether you are a newbie to ice speed skating or an advanced skater, you’ll fit in at ELS. We offer training in different skill levels, so you’ll always find a training group that suits you. The training season starts at the  beginning of October and lasts until the end of March. The training sessions take place at the ice rink ‘De Uithof’ in the Hague. The training sessions on Wednesday and Friday are open to all members, including potential ELS members. The training sessions on Monday are available for those with a KNSB-license, these being for the more advanced ice skaters. For the fanatics there is also an opportunity to train on Thursday evenings.

Together with other student ice speed skating associations, ELS organises a number of competitions across the Netherlands, known as the Inter University Tournaments (IUT). All ELS members are welcome to participate in these tournaments. These competitions offer the opportunity to push yourself to excel and it gives you the chance to meet new people that share the same ‘ice-fever’. Every year, ELS organises an international trip which, next to ice skating of course, particularly focuses on social activities.

Cycling and in-line skating training

During the summer period, ELS offers cycling and in-line skating trainings. The training sessions for cycling take place on Monday evening and are co-organised by WTOS, the student cycling association in Delft. ELS also actively participates in several (student) cycling competitions. Traditionally, every year there is a cycling weekend named WheELS, organised in a hilly area typically in Limburg or the Ardennes. Again, next to enjoying the ideal cycling landscape, the weekend is also meant for social activities.

The training sessions for in-line skating are organised on the 300 meter skating track in Nootdorp (just north of Delft). Furthermore, a group of inline skaters will meet on a weekly bases to skate a tour lap through the beautiful landscape that surrounds Delft. The training sessions allow you to train/maintain your skating technique during the summer period. The purpose of the training is also to prepare you for the two 24-hour marathon races that can be braved. The first of the two is the 24-hour in-line skating race in Le Mans, France, with participants from all around the world. The second is Raps24KiKa, a sponsored race where all profits go towards children’s cancer research.

Finally, ELS organises an annual inline skating event to raise money for a local charity. During this event, the participants skate a pre-set route around Delft.

Social activities

Next to the very active and physical training sessions, ELS organises a number of social activities. Every other week we meet each other at the Willie Wort to enjoy a few drinks together. To find out when we meet up, you can search in the website agenda under ‘Borrel’ on Thursday evening. We also organise special dinners and special theme parties, some of which are co-organised with other student societies.

More info?

Please don’t hesitate to contact one of us in case you have any questions. You can send an email to info@dssvels.com or alternatively you can give us a call: Harm Cnossen is our chairman and is happy to answer any questions you may have. (Details regarding phone numbers can be found on the ‘Bestuur’ page). You are also warmly invited to come along to the ‘BorrELS’ where you can ask all your questions over a nice ‘ice’ cold beer.

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