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The Battle of Noordwijk

  • 100 km
  • Cycling
  • North
  • there it is then, mine (Robin, red.) personal favorite. The clocked entry is over and we are now starting the real work with triple digits. no jokes, this is the most beautiful round of these five suggestions (Central Delfland, Round Corner, Reeuwijk, Gouda and Hollandsche IJssel and Hoeksche Waard, Hellevoetsluis, Maasvlakte 2 and Brielse Maas, red.). Depending on the wind you can of course cycle it the other way around, because the wind in the dunes is very nice. You start along the Vliet and then along Leiden (believe me, I have ridden many variants but this is the best road) to go to Lisse. You even take a small piece of Ringvaart along the way. Then you go towards the dunes and you have to go RIGHT around the snack bar Benny's Friet (I've seen a group of ELS people do it wrong again) so you take the top of the route: along Kennemerland glider airfield. Then you enter the dunes and descend via Noordwijk, Katwijk, Scheveningen off to Kijkduin and then cycle back to Delft via the Uithof via Kwintsheul. My recommendation for a break is restaurant The Intermediate Station between Lisse and the airport, depending on your direction of travel at approximately 42 of 58 kilometers of your route.

    You can also build a number of variants of this route. If you cross at Voorschoten to Wassenaar you can go two ways: you can turn right to Katwijk and go into the dunes there (do you come on a route from 72 km) or you go straight over the Wassenaarse Slag (do you come on a route from 60 km). If you combine the Wassenaarse Slag with Round Corner come on 90 km and for the dune lovers among us you combine The Battle of Noordwijk with the Rondje Hoek for 130 km!

    (SPIED 85, 2022, p. 40-41)