The days are getting shorter so you can show us again to what extent, (or not), your physical strength has improved during the summer season. Here you can set a benchmark and/or compare yourself with an old version of yourself.

Three measurement moments are planned, de bike- and inline meeting moments will be instead of regular training. Stair climbing takes place before the dry training.

Rollerblade measurement moment

True: Inline skating rink Nootdorp
When: Friday 9 september, 19:00, (following the intro training)
What: 1,5 and 5 lap time trial

climbing stairs

True: E. du Perronlaan (at the flat)
When: Tuesday 20 september, 18:00, (for the dry training)
What: climb the stairs as quickly as possible

Bike measurement moment

True: Collect at X, afterwards to the WAB
When: Thursdays 22 september, 18:00
What: time trial around the WAB