What: SummerCK!
When: Saturday 10 September from 13:30 until 17:30
True: Cycling track Ahoy Rotterdam (Landscheiding 101, 3045 NK Rotterdam)
costs: free

Saturday 10 september is it finally time, it summerCK from ELS is on the program! After being able to work out carefree in the summer, is this the ideal time to show how you will perform in the upcoming winter season or to try out a cycling track? ;).

The club championships consist of a running, skeeler-, and bicycle part. With every discipline there is a sprint- and drove/walked a long distance part. Below is an overview of the parts:

  • Cycling sprint: 1/2 round (500 meter)
  • Cycling expensive: Course! 20 minutes + 3 round
  • Running sprint: 100 meter
  • Running duration: 2 round (3000 meter)
  • Inline Sprint: 1/2 round (500 meter)
  • Skating expensive: 10 minutes + 1 round

The CK will take place this year at Ahoy in Rotterdam from 13.30 until 17.30. At the end of the day, those who did the best on all six parts honored with a medal. If you don't want to participate in all parts, then it is also possible to register per part. Let us know in the comments which parts you want to participate in!

The award ceremony will be at the velodrome, where it is also possible to use the changing rooms. Afterwards we will order pizza with those who want. It will get dark soon, So don't forget to bring lights. I (the match secretary, red.) looking forward to! I hope you too

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