Because it was such a success last time, we do it again, therefore there are 4 May, 6 mei en 7 with weather intro trainings!

Read more about the training on the summer page.

You can register below without obligation to train with.
If you want to know more about the training or about ELS itself, you can always send an app to 06 39116870 or email to

Dry training Tuesday 4 May

Pay attention: an X subscription is required for dry training! It is possible to take out a subscription for a week or month on the spot.

Number of participants: 1

# Name Note
1. Jelmer  

Bike training Thursday 6 May

Number of participants: 0

# Name Note
No attendees found.

Inline skating training Friday 7 May

Pay attention! Wearing a helmet is mandatory for inline skating training.

Number of participants: 4

# Name Note
1. Jelmer  
2. Maartje Damen  
3. Anouk Cornelissen  
4. Christian Feeleus