In summer we have a number of cycling training courses in which you can participate. It is recommended to have a road race bike as the speeds and distances are a bit high for you regular city bike.

Monday from 18:15 (beginning and end of the season at 17:45)

Together with cycling association WTOS, we cycle a course of about 60 km and will take about 2 hours. There are different groups for different levels which will be made at the spot.
Departure is at 18:15 in front of the Unit Sports on the campus.

Thursday from 18:15

These training courses will be used for a wide variety of cycling abilities like technique, speed and endurance. But we will also do group rides to practice riding in a peloton.
Departure is at 18:30 gathering is at 18:15 in front of the Unit Sport on the campus.

WhatsApp group

There is a WhatsApp group for people who do road cycling. Often we make an appointment together to go for a cycling tour. This is also the place where you can ask any questions related to cycling. If you would want to join this group, please contact the Training Commissioner T: 06-13760261