Ice Skating competitions

As a member of DSSV ELS it is possible to participate in several speed skating competitions. Each member of ELS can participate in the Inter University Tournaments (IUT’s), which are competitions between several universities throughout the country. Participation in the National Students Championships (NSK’s) depends on achieved results in the past. Below are the dates of the Student competitions as yet known. Check the site frequently to see when registration is possible.

Besides the competitions mentioned above, which are only for students, there are also competitions every weekend on Saturday and Sunday evenings at the Uithof in The Hague. To take place in these competitions you need a license of the KNSB and participation rights from the Uithof. For both costs are charged. For more information about these competitions and all other questions you can contact the ‘Wedstrijdsecretaris’ (Secretary of Competitions) at the following mail address: